0Saturday. 5th [May 1877]—Constantinople
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5 May 1877 — Constantinople
Saturday. 5th [May 1877]. At 12.30 Mrs Baring came. Mme Fromezzani & her 2 sisters the Miss Macathenys called also Mme Serkis Effi. We lunched & then drove down to with Mrs B, Mr Jocelyn & Mr Kennedy to embark on the 6 oared caique to go over to Haidar Pasha. It took us about ½ hour. We went in order to see a kind of fair held there today. It was the Greek St George wh coincides with the Turkish feast of the 1st day of spring. Mrs Sandison met us with her daughter Mme Bilinsky & her husband & children. We walked about amongst the crowds of Turkish women in the brightest coloured mantles wh made the fields look like a garden of flowers. There were ladies in carriages also driving up & down & thro the midst of all ran the trains– It was marvellous that no accidents happened as the railroad was covered with people who got out of the way when they heard the warning whistle of the approaching engine. There were one or 2 accidents in the carriages from the horses taking fright at this whistling. When we had gone about in the meadows we returned to the station to rest. It was excessively hot & dusty but the weather was charming. We went to Phanstaki by train & travelled in the Grand Viziers carriage a present to him from the Ex Queen Isabella of Spain. It was gorgeously fitted up with blue damask & the wood fittings were inlaid. We went thro’ beautifully cultivated country & in 20 min: arrived at the village. It is at the very end of a promontory & is shaded by large trees. We sat down & had coffee & sweets & water & Henry had a raaigilch & Mr Kennedy made his first essay of it. We were loth to return home but at 5 we embarked in the caique & returned to Constantinople having had a charming afternoon.

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