0Monday. 7th May [1877]—Constantinople
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7 May 1877 — Constantinople
Monday. 7th May [1877]. Had a visit by appointment from Pss [illegible word] who said she was sent by the Khadims the Sultan’s Aunts to convey their good wishes on our arrival & to say how pleased they were to have Henry back here. She then went into ecstasies over Lady Salisbury & over did her praise of her & went on into politics. I tried to stop her by assuring her I understood nothing about it but she would run on so I let her run herself out. At 3 I went out in a hired carriage Henry having taken our own. Went to fetch Mme d’Ehrenhoff & she took me to see Princess Nazlie Khalil whose husband is gone as T. Ambassador to Paris. She is niece of the V. Roy of Egypt—is abt 25 rather good looking dressed in the heighth of French fashion the only difference being that her eyes were lined with black her lips painted bright red. She was powdered over the face– Her hair hung in 2 long plaits & she wore a kind of ½ Turkish ½ French headdress of silk & artificial flowers wh I took at first for a bonnet. She received us in a room furnished in the French style– Hung with panels of blue satin embroidered in grey. Coffee was brought by slaves in cotton gowns. The zarfs were gold set with diamonds– Then cigarettes were brought with holders set in diamonds & ash trays to match. Later sweetmeats were brought on a tray set with diamonds. The tray for the coffee was covered with a cloth made of red velvet embroidered with gold pearls & large cabochon emeralds. The Pss talks English very fluently. She seemed sad & depressed. She told me she had had one child who had died at 9 months. She talked of her father & said he had had 4 wives & 50 or 60 slaves. She said her husband had never married any one but her & that if he were to do so she would go out of his house. We stayed there till nearly 6 & had tea before we left. As we came home we passed Henry coming from his visit at the Parte. He went to dine with the Grand Vizier. I dined alone & went early to bed.

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