0Tuesday. 29th [May 1877]—Therapia
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29 May 1877 — Therapia
Tuesday. 29th [May 1877]. Finished my first sketch of gateway in the morning– At 4 Henry rode with Mr Kennedy & I went out walking. Went to the Hotel Petala to Mrs Barings room to pay a visit to Mrs Baker and afterwards we went on to Mme Parnis & found her in—to Mme Kalergi, Mrs Sorell, Mme Mavrocordato & old Mrs Guarracino who were all at home. We finished up at the Zarifis who were also at home & to my astonishment it was after 7 when I got home. Genl Dickson (who has left us & gone to the hotel) came to dine also Ct Pisani, Ashburnham & Mr                of Antelope.

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