0Thursday. 21st June [1877]—Therapia
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21 June 1877 — Therapia
Thursday. 21st June [1877]. Started with Henry in the “mouche” at 8 AM to go to Beyler Bey & called at the Hanson yali on the way to pick up Mr Elliot, Arthur & Mrs W. Hanson & Mrs Henry’s daughter “Hilda.” At Beyler Bey, we found carriages ready & a horse for the cavass. Henry went with Mrs Arthur & Hilda, I with Mrs W. & Mr Elliott. At Beyoglu wh was halfway to Alem Dagh we stopped to rest the horses & had coffee & cake. We got to the woods of Alem Dagh abt 12 o’cl: & met the Henry Hansons, Miss Boyd, Messrs Kennedy & Graham (Helicon), Capt Wingfield, Miss Cumberbatch & her brother who had ridden from Candilli. We fell in a lot of Turkish ladies in white ferace—many of them had their veils low & hardly took the trouble to put their yashmaks up when they passed the European men. We saw fires lighted & whole lambs being cooked on wooden skewers. We found Mrs Hy Hanson unpacking & preparing our lunch in a little dell with a spring & a stream in it. We at once helped to spread the food on the ground & then set to work to eat. Afterwards we took our spuds, trowels & pickaxes & set out in search of fern roots of wh we got a quantity & the Hansons’ hired an “arabar” to carry them home. After 2 hours digging we were hot & exhausted & glad of tea & then had to gather up our things & walk to the carriages. I returned in the carriage with Mr Elliot & Mrs Arthur. We drove to the Sultan’s Kiosque at the Sweet waters of Asia past the Sultan’s farm wh was a very pretty drive. We found the mouche waiting for us there & started home abt 6.30 getting home exactly at 8. Had dinner alone–

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