0Friday. 29th [June 1877]—Therapia
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29 June 1877 — Therapia
Friday. 29th [June 1877]. Very fatiguing morng packing up bedding for Batum & box for Dr Casson. At 1 began making out invitations for next Friday’s garden party with Mr Sandison. Hobart Pasha came today to stay with us. Lunched at 1.30 & went out in mouche with Henry to pay visits. He called on Persian Ambr who fetched me in & gave me tea & then took me into his harem. His wife is ugly & fat & dressed in fashionable French way. They have a fine old Turkish house– We then called on the 2 Mmes Caratheodory & found them in then went in to Yeri-keui to call on the [illegible word] but the cutter got aground & got a stone into the machinery so we had to wait till it was right by one of the men who got into the water with a hammer—we then came straight home. Had a grand official dinner for Ministers & Leg. employés & sat down 29. After dinner several of the Dip. Corps came. It was a very hot night. The Turks smoked in the corridor & garden & did not leave till 11 as they had their own steamer. Every body was gone by 12.

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