0Friday. 6th July 1877—Therapia
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6 July 1877 — Therapia
Friday. 6th July 1877. Spent the morng getting garden in order, getting the big tent put up, carpets & chairs & stools put about in the garden. Miss Boyd came down from Candilli to stay a day or two & as they could not be present at our party on acct of their morng they watched us from the windows & then went out riding. I dressed directly after lunch. At 3 people began to arrive. The Marine band procured by Hobart Pasha played & a croquet party was begun. People kept arriving till nearly 6. They had refreshments in the grove. The young ladies clamoured to dance so we agreed to it & they had a quadrille & a polka & then a Sir Roger wh they danced to a galop time. At 7 every body had departed. We had not very many Turks Mahmoud Damat Pasha being the only swell Turk. He is a fine man only over fat. People seemed to enjoy themselves wonderfully. Zichy stayed & dined with us & we sat out on the balcony afterwards. He stayed the night at Corti’s. I suppose we had abt 170 people today.

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