0Friday. 5th [October 1877]—Besika Bay, on board the Helicon
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5 October 1877 — Besika Bay, on board the Helicon
Friday. 5th [October 1877]. Went to visit the Alexandra & see a fish torpedo fired. We started off to go on shore at 12. Mounted our poneys & went to Schliemann’s Troy. It was abt 1½ hour’s ride. We lunched there & were met by Mr Calvert who showed us the excavations. They were most disappointing. The only fine things being some pieces of massive marble fluted columns. There was one high rudely built wall uncovered & portions of a stone house wh Schliemann dignifies by the name of Priamus, Palace to me it was more like a hovel. There was a curious remains of an old gate way wh would lead straight thro’ the Palace—thereby proving the building was more modern or of a later date. Mr Calvert showed us the place where the gold treasures were found. It was quite away from the palace & any trace of building. Altogether the site was interesting but the whole thing was on so small a scale & the position so low in comparison that one could not recognise Homer’s Troy—altho’ the stream meandered a few feet below the mound. We were rather late getting back to Besika & I was so tired I could not go out of a foot’s pace. Returned on board had some tea & rested & then dined at 8 on board the “Agincourt” with Sir Edmund Commerell. The Duke was not there as he left with his ship for Malta this morning to go to Marseilles & join the Dss.

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