0Monday. 5th [November 1877]—Therapia
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5 November 1877 — Therapia
Monday. 5th [November 1877]. Poured as usual. Did not see Hobart P. who went off on board at 7 but the Essadine could not go off he wrote me word later because the state of the Bk Sea was dreadful after the late storms. Henry went to town in the launch. Mrs de Winton & I cut out 10 jackets before lunch. After lunch it became a little finer & Mrs Baring came to talk over her conduct on Sunday, & make a kind of explanation such as it was. Mme Fernandez also came to call to offer to help me with my work for the Fugitives. It was very cold & we did not go out. Henry came home abt 5. Heard Jerry read & then he talked of Madagascar. He said his mother’s name was Hal-lela– His own Hakim but that he did not like to tell this to any one, but he has nearly forgotten his old language. Major Champaign & Mr Kennedy dined with us & we made bandages– Bad news from Asia– Erzerum taken by the Russians—or nearly so–

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