0Monday. 20th February [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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20 February 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Monday. 20th February [1893]. All these past days we have had unpleasantness about our servant Paolo. We found he had not only been out every night this winter but had had a key made to the back door by wh he let himself in. When we asked him if this were true he denied it especially as to the key. Either he was lying or the 4 other servants. When pressed by Henry he said he was ready to swear by anything that was most sacred that he had no key—& if he doubted he might call Mr Astolfi & have the lock changed– We began to think we were doing Paolo an injustice & I thought there was some other mystery. Suddenly on Thursday last Paolo found that all the servants had given witness against him & he came to Henry & confessed the whole thing & gave him the key! This was too much even in this city of lies & we gave him warning today. He said he was on a committee called Le Pintemps for giving balls & he was now cashier—& that was why he was always out– He professed himself penitent & promised amendment—but we cannot any long believe a word he says & said he must go. I went out with Henry in afternoon & called on Ersilia Canevaro on the way home. Found her in wonderful good spirits & she is dining at the Palace tonight. I came home to tea.

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