0Friday. 24th February [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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24 February 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Friday. 24th February [1893]. I got up as usual but had a headache & could not go down to lunch. As it rained hard Henry did not go out. Yesterday evening after tea Mlle Gysella Hellenbach came to say that as the Italian ladies here were going to present H.R.H. the Duchess of Genoa with a bouquet on her departure from Venice on 2nd she should suggest that the foreign ladies shd do the same & asked me to undertake to collect the money & order the bouquet. I therefore at 3 o’cl went off to see Ersilia Canevaro to ask her to order flowers wh she kindly did at Florence. I went on to see Mrs Dyer to enquire after Mr Dyer who is ailing & at the same time to tell Mrs Dyer that Mr G. A. Sala begs me to suggest that Stella should be better dressed. At the 1st word on the subject, Mrs Dyer got very much annoyed & ending in crying—at wh I also cried—& we had quite a scene—which ended in our parting friends as before. I came home to 5 o’cl tea to wh Mr Penrice came & Mr Brackett & the Baroness Krauss who wanted to know what was being done about the bouquet for the Dss of Genoa it having been proposed that she at the head of the Austrians & I of the English should collect for 2 bouquets. I remarked there were too few English & begged her to undertake the whole thing wh she now refused to do—so I am to continue it.

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