0Saturday. 1st July [1893]—1 Queen Anne Street
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1 July 1893 — 1 Queen Anne Street
Saturday. 1st July [1893]. This was my jubilee birthday—50 years of age. Cornelia & her girl Frances came to call about 12. Ethel Cadogan, Ivor & his girl & Earnie Eliot all came to lunch. The latter took Nela to a concert. Henry came back abt 2 from the law courts– He is more happy as to the result of the libel case today. Yesterday he was low & thought it was going against Rassam. Today Sir Henry James cross examined Mr Maunde Thompson who came out badly. Yesterday James was absent as he was laid up with gout. I drove out with Henry & we took Ethel Cadogan to her house in Egerton Gardens. Maria & Richard, Connie & Charlie, Mama, Ola, one of the twins dined with us.

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