0Wednesday. 19th [July 1893]—1 Queen Anne Street
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19 July 1893 — 1 Queen Anne Street
Wednesday. 19th [July 1893]. I went with Nela down to Wimbledon to see Alice Murray. I had not seen her since my illness nor since the birth of her baby. I was concerned to see her looking so ill & so crippled by a bad leg. She could hardly manage to hobble with a stick. We went down by train & coming back I stopped in Eaton Place to see a Lady Keppel who thinks of taking my maid Mould. I told her the whole story of her having been the worse for drink & still the old lady says she will take her– Lady K. seemed a strange old person herself so perhaps they will suit each other. Henry took Ethel Cadogan to the theatre this eveng.

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