0Sunday. 7th March [1897]—3 Savile Row
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7 March 1897 — 3 Savile Row
Sunday. 7th March [1897]. I went to 12 o’cl service at the Chapel Royal St James’. Coming out I met Mrs Bayard & walked a little way with her in the Mall—& then walked thro’ Green Park to Hertford St & lunched with Adeline Dss of Bedford. Lady Somers was there & we had a long talk & sympathised over our individual loss. As I left she had a sparkle of her own old self & lively ways. She kissed me on both eyes & said “Beautiful eyes Enid” & on my answering “Oh they are old eyes now” she shook her finger at me & said “No, you must take care of them!” How it reminds me of her old vivacity & how lovely she still looks! On my way home—walking thro’ Curzon St I met Mr Hallé who begged me to go this evening to a party his sister Miss Hallé & Miss Augusta Liddell were giving at the New Gallery this evening. Joachim was to play in a trio—Watts was to be present. Beautiful music played by such a performer with surroundings of such beautiful paintings—it was very tempting—but I did not go as I know my nerves are not yet steady eno’ to hear music. I sat quietly alone all the afternoon—& abt 7 my sister Constance called & carried me off in her carriage to dine with her. Mr Burton (the surgeon) dined there & we came away together in a hansom—& I deposited him at his house in Dover St. Charlie Eliot was not well—& did not appear at dinner– Monty & Chrissie were there– In the eveng Evelyn Eliot played the cello—which she plays very well—but a piece I had constantly heard at Ca’ Capello in old days—& ever since quite upsets me. It shows I did well not to have gone to the New Gallery.

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