0Tuesday. 6th [April 1897]—3 Savile Row
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6 April 1897 — 3 Savile Row
Tuesday. 6th [April 1897]. Studio all morning. Sophy Palmer suddenly appeared to luncheon bringing with her a Mrs Wreker a very pretty, well dressed elegant young woman. Mr Pleydell & Mr Reeve came also to luncheon, and were happy being old county friends. They were also glad to meet Sophy. Mr Woods R.A. came to tea also Nela Du Cane & Mr J. Fraser. Mr Woods gave me the last information abt the Venice Church the interior of wh is now to be begun– We took him to see the studio & he criticised very leniently our work. Mary went to dine with Francie Thesiger & to sing at a concert at the Oxford House Bethnal Green. Sophy P. dined with me & Nelly and as the latter went home directly after dinner Sophy & I had a nice quiet evening together.

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