0Saturday. 10th [April 1897]—Bessborough, Fiddown, County Kilkenny
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10 April 1897 — Bessborough, Fiddown, County Kilkenny
Saturday. 10th [April 1897]. I breakfasted in bed & got up by 11. There was the last meet of the hounds of the season. Blanche drove me & the clergyman’s wife Mrs Lyons in her little poney carriage. The “Master” kept us waiting an hour. Then they drew the Pack coverts—but there was no run so we returned home at 1.30. It was a lovely day & the sun rather too hot. The 2 girls & Bertie rode—& remained out till quite late. After lunch Blanche drove me in the poney cart again with the tiny little grey poney “Flash”—a dear little beast who tho’ so tiny pulled us well. We went to Carrick & visited the old Castle now almost in ruins belonging to Lord Ormond. It is beautifully situated overlooking the river Suir. It has 2 old towers one of which may still be mounted tho’ the ascent is not a very pleasant one. The more modern house is Elizabethean & in the entrance may still be found on one side the portrait of Q. Bess on the other The Owner “L.O.” (Ormond). It is all rapidly decaying tho’ some of the flooring & the roof is kept in a kind of repair. The library has still some stucco ornaments with the motto “Plus pense que dire.” We were shown over the Castle by a well grown smart young man who said he was the son of the old woman who had charge of the place. He was home from America on a holiday of 6 weeks. He is a carpenter & would not like to leave America he said. We went from the Castle into the town—a long straggling street that Blanche might buy some groceries—& then went back to Bessboro’ to tea. Irène read to me Roberts for an hour. I read “Villars” to Blanche. In the evening Onie & I played Patience.

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