0Sunday. 27th [June 1897]—Southampton
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27 June 1897 — Southampton
Sunday. 27th [June 1897]. Arthur, Rhuvon, Nelly & Vere all returned to town– Rawlinson & I returned to Bere by a 1.20 train. At the Southampton station there was a lady waiting in the 1st class waiting room & we fell a talking. She said she was impatient to get on her journey as she had been sent for to a dying sister. Then it came out she was going to Wareham—as I was—& finally that she was bound for Bloxworth abt 2 miles from Bere! It was a curious coincidence. She greatly feared her sister would be dead before she reached home. On arriving at Wareham she was met by a brother in a poney trap—& she called out to me as I left “My sister is still living.” I was very glad for the poor thing. Arthur’s man Battrick who met me with the carriage told me the lady was a Miss Young sister of a farmer at Bloxworth. I got to Bere at 5. Had tea & went to 6 oclock service–

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