0Wednesday. 18th August [1897]—Schloss Friedrichshof, Kronberg
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18 August 1897 — Schloss Friedrichshof, Kronberg
Wednesday. 18th August [1897]. Tea was brought to me at 7 & I got up & read & wrote. At 8 I looked out & saw H.M. going off riding with Baron Reischach & when she returned saw her feed her horse & ADC with sugar—& pat them & even kiss one of them. At 10 we went down to breakfast which was like an English first breakfast. Then we got our hat & gloves & Ola & I walked with H.M. into the village of Cronberg to see the Parish church which she is having restored. It is an old 14 centy building & at the time of the Reformation was whitewashed so that the frescoes were recovered. It was also receiled & on removing the ceiling a painted ceiling was discovered. There are also many interesting monuments of the Cronberg family who were very distinguished people in their time. By the time we returned to the Castle it was 12. Ola went to call on a Miss Florence May the pianist who is to play here tonight. H.M. took me up to see her own private rooms & others on the same floor where her daughters sleep. Dressed for luncheon a large affair of which I enclose the names of the people. I had not seen Mme Waddington since we both of us lost our husbands. After lunch we sat in groups in the drawing room till 3 when all the visitors except Mme Parmentier who stays here were reconveyed to the station & returned to Homburg & I came to my room to write & rest till tea time at 5. After tea Ola & I took a drive with H. Majesty in an open carriage, we went up hill through a forest where we had lovely views of Cronberg & Konigsteim. Near the top of the hill we got out & walked. We met first a young Dr & his wife to whom H.M. stopped & talked about the drains & smells—then a young painter or decorator whom she stopped & promised to go & see his house. We passed a caravan with gipseys on the way back & she made the footman get down from his seat & distribute some coins to the children. She called out to all the little children we passed & all seemed to know her & nodded & smiled. Tho’ the whole population were polite after their fashion—the men taking of their hats & saying “Gut’tag” & the women nodding—still it struck me that they have not the pretty manners of our Dorsetshire peasants—here all the children & even often women make a pretty little curtsey when they meet any lady. When we got back to Cronberg we alighted at the park gate & H.M. took me to see the rose garden. Ola was tired & went indoors at once to rest. The roses are in great beauty at this moment & H.M. showed them & the garden, which is beautifully kept, with great pride. She told me to beg Ola to rest & not to come down to supper which I did & she went to bed. At 8.15 we went into supper & were quite a small party. Afterwards we sat working round a table in the hall—till abt 9.30 when Prince & Pss Adolphe of Schaumberg Lippe & her lady & gentleman arrived. I had not seen Pss Victoria since she passed thro’ Venice on her wedding journey seven years ago. She is not much changed. She exclaimed “Aunt Enid”—& gave me a good hug & a kiss on each cheek. They all went off at once to get some supper & H.M. took leave of us & went to bed. When the Lippe’s returned to the hall Princess Victoria went up to her mother’s room & we all adjourned to the smoking room when Pss V. joined us & smoked cigarettes– As P. Adolphe only speaks German no English was spoken & I had mostly to listen. At 11.15 we all went off to bed.

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