0Thursday. 11th November [1897]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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11 November 1897 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Thursday. 11th November [1897]. Typed. Mr Zuccato the V. Consul came & I disclosed to him my griefs against the police. He promised to see what could be done. I asked him to as to the Questore. He said he wd do so if I wished but would it not be better if he were to go to the inspector at S. Polo as he might get rimproverato & it wd be better to keep him in a good humour. I thought a rimprovero would do him good but finally consented not to get him into a scrape with his superior. Nela & I went out after lunch to the Piazza. The band was playing & the banners flying as it is the Prince of Naples’ birthday. Went to see Mlle Aspasia Kwekwitsch—found her at home & rather ailing– Home to tea. Ersilia Canevaro came also the French Consul & Mme le Maillet—also Idita & Marchese Bentivoglio & Olga Mocenigo—& finally Profr Trombini—they stayed till nearly 7. Nela read aloud to me in the evening & finished “Chaldea” in Story of Nation series.

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