0Friday. 31st December [1897]—Villa Pisani, Vescovana
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31 December 1897 — Villa Pisani, Vescovana
Friday. 31st December [1897]. I received rather worrying letters from London by wh it would appear something has gone wrong abt the servants at 3 Savile Row & my brother Monty has suddenly put in a housekeeper there. No news, however, from him—so I am greatly puzzled. All the hoarfrost has disappeared in the night & it is scirocco weather quite mild. Nela was not very well & remained in her room all afternoon. I walked round the garden for an hour from 3 to 4 & learnt some “In Memoriam” by heart. Nela came down to dinner– We wished each other a happy New Year at 10.30 & went to bed—but not to sleep for I could not get out of my head my letters of the morning—so I read most of the night & woke on

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