0Monday. 6th February [1905]—3 Savile Row
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6 February 1905 — 3 Savile Row
Monday. 6th February [1905]. Mr Nevile Dundas came to lunch & to meet Mrs Silver to discuss with plan of the People’s Cheap Restaurant which we want to establish in Stepney. On Saturday last 4th Kate & I went down with Nellie & Charlie Wyld by train to Uxbridge to stay at the Tile House their place in the country. It was a soft rainy day but we got there in time to take a turn round the garden. The situation is very pretty—the house comfortable one storied & like a large villa. At present the nearest station is Uxbridge 4½ miles off but next year a new line with a station 1½ mile off will be in use– The Oranmore niece of the party & I took down my cook & footman to help Nellie to entertain so large a party. On the next day Sunday I was prostrate with a terrible headache—& tho’ I got up in the morning had to go back to bed abt 11 & there remain the rest of the day. On Monday I accompanied the Oranmores back to town by an early train so I did not see much of the place. Kate & the Wylds came up by an later train. I was rather unwell all day & had to keep quiet but got all right as the day went on. Kate & I had a very pleasant time together & amused ourselves going to lunch & dinner with different people each our own way. She slept in my room & we would talk late & early & I generally dropped asleep while she was murmuring some little talk, but she prefers being with me on the first floor to being on the 2nd floor by herself. The Oranmores on their side went their own way & remained on with me until their children & servants arrived from Ireland & they could settle into the house 17 Charles St which they have hired for the season so they stayed with me about 10 days. Kate remained longer even & I was very sorry when she went back to Lutterworth. I gave a series of dinner parties—on 13th Monday I had the Oranmores, Sir E. & Lady Poynter, Dss Adeline Bedford, Lord Westmeath & Lord Percy Under Sec. for F. Affairs who is very much interested in Assyrian discoveries & was anxious to see the Assyrian cylinder necklace Henry gave me when I married & which has the seals of Darius & Sennacherib so I sent & got it out of the Bank of England on purpose to show him. On Thursday 16th I had another dinner party to which came Ivor & Cornelia, the Duke & Dss of Abercorn, Lord & Lady Brassey.

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