0Saturday. 1st April [1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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1 April 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Saturday. 1st April [1905]. No fever this morning & I may get up in afternoon. Lady Borwick came at 12 with a message from Ola—whom she had been to see & expressed herself delighted with the hospital. Virginia & the 2 girls left Venice for Verona by 2 oclock train & I breathe again & look forward to a few days absolute quiet—tho’ very glad they should have enjoyed themselves– I got up & even went out on Tuesday 4th but alas back came the fever & the Dr & I had to keep in bed with declared attack of influenza & feeling pretty ill. There was no help for it & even on 7th Friday when I expected the Prince & Pss of S. Meiningen I could not get up to receive them. I sent for Sr Malagola & interviewed him & asked him to go to Mestre to meet them wh he kindly did. They came by motor car from Marostica to Mestre & the Hotel Britannia launch met them & brought them here. The servants arrived at 3 by train—a maid, 2 men & 3 dogs. As soon as they arrived at 4 Pss Charlotte came up to see me & sat with me.

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