0Tuesday. 27th [June 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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27 June 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Tuesday. 27th [June 1905]. Mr Eden sent me a note to ask me to go to the garden in the morning to talk to me about the buying of the hospital property & gave me a memo to copy in writing & letter to Miss Holland who is selling it to me. I am to give her 15,000 lire for the Contarini House & garden & 6000 for the cottage attached to it & if ever the property is sold the first offer is to be made to Miss Holland or her executors. I went in to the Cos: Hos: to Ola & we tried to get the year’s balance sheet right but I had to leave it undone & hurry home to my 12 o’cl lunch. In afternoon I typed papers for Ola—& then went out in gondola & took a turn in Piazza & home. Iduna Bel: dined with me at 7.30– Marchesa Peruzzi née Story came in the eveng & also Mme Blass—née Prina—looking lovely in a black hat with a large white feather & a white satin bow tied under one ear. With her light hair & blue eyes she was quite bewitching. After the other ladies were gone she stayed a long time chatting—& I did not get to bed till past 12—& as I cd not sleep I read a good bit of Hazlett’s Venetian Republic. Got a note bidding me to lunch with the Queen tomorrow.

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