0Monday. 30th [October 1905]—En route to India
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30 October 1905 — En route to India
Monday. 30th [October 1905]. On getting up in the morning found ourselves going a good pace on our journey. We passed Cephalonia & Zante & along the coast of Greece. Unfortunately the weather was grey & it was cold enough for me to be glad of my fur coat. There were about 30 passengers on board some bound for Egypt, some for India. At lunch the Capt. (Wilkinson) talked to me about the want of an English chaplain at Brindisi & I promised to write to our Bishop about it. There was a nice looking pleasant young woman sitting opposite us a Mrs Summers (née Garrett) who was a frequent traveller on the line—her husband having some position in Egypt. She is said to be of a clever family & is a writer herself. She tells me she has a sister settled in Japan. In the evening we got out into more open sea & the Isis rolled a bit—the port holes having to be closed it was very hot at dinner & the pace we were going caused great vibration so that I had to leave the table & retire to my cabin & moved no more.

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