0Sunday. 12th [November 1905]—Bombay
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12 November 1905 — Bombay
Sunday. 12th [November 1905]. We got out things packed early & went off to the suburbs to Mr Dunlop’s bungalow where we lunched at 12 o’cl. Miss Dunlop did hostess & Mrs Edwardes was there. The bungalow is close down by the sea & in a small garden. It took us about an hour to drive there– It was towards Malabar Hill & we passed many pretty bungalows with nice gardens. We set off back to town directly after lunch & went to the Victoria station being told that the express left at 3.30. It turned out to be a mistake so we had to wait there till 5. We had tea in the refreshment room & watched natives sitting about in the station waiting patiently for a train to go. On arriving at Bombay we expected to meet a man whom Henry Guest had engaged as my bearer– One came for Corise—but none for me. Corise’s bearer introduced an old man with a dyed beard who accompanied me to the hotel– This morning however Corise’s man said his own brother had arrived on purpose to serve me & made me dismiss No 1 & take on his brother. He is a thin lithe young man—in white garments & a dark blue & white print cotton turban– He started with Baker & I had one 1st class carriage together—Corise & Nela another. Ali the bearer came in & made up our beds at night with the bedding we had bought at Bombay & wh we carried in a huge bundle– It was very comfortable. The carriages are very broad & there is plenty of room to move abt between the beds & for all ones parcels & bags. The pace one goes at is not very great & therefore it does not shake one like European trains. Abt 6 a.m. Ali handed us in good tea with excellent toast—a dining car was put on for breakfast & lunch. The dust was tremendous & the heat by day rather severe but there are good outside blinds which mitigate the fierceness of the sunshine. We reached Agra on

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