0Sunday. 19th [November 1905]—Abbottabad
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19 November 1905 — Abbottabad
Sunday. 19th [November 1905]. We breakfasted in the garden. It is rather cold in the shade—but too hot in the sun to sit without hat or umbrella. We walked up to the top of Brigade Circular Hill & had a picnic lunch up there—a beautiful view spread under our feet of snow topped mountains towards Cashmir with foreground of hills & trees– Major Bruce, Netta Bruce, Pamela, Nela & I enjoyed ourselves. In the morning Mrs B. came to tell me nervously that a Capt. Lloyd had been to see her to say that I had got his bearer who is only on leave– It appears that the man had asked Capt. Lloyd for leave to go home to Ambetta to see after a lawsuit—& had obtained leave till 5th Decr. The wretch in the meantime thought he wd come into my service wh would pay him better. He never calculated on my bringing him to the place where his own master lives! Capt. Lloyd wants him having no other servant—so I went off to see Mrs Lloyd & said they should of course have him & I sent him back to them very much crestfallen. The Lloyds said that when we leave here we may have him again until we can get another bearer. At 6 we went to church. There being no clergyman here at this moment the service was read by Col. Martin & Netta Bruce played the organ. There was a large congregation & the choir taught by Netta sang well.

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