0Thursday. 28th [December 1905]—Delhi
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28 December 1905 — Delhi
Thursday. 28th [December 1905]. We went off in the morning to the great Fort to see the Emperor of Delhi’s Palace of which but a small part now remains– Lord Curzon, however, has had that little put in order & preserved– The baths are still intact & marvellously beautiful. As we were going on to the Pearl Mosque I recognised Sir Hubert Jerningham who was bent on the same quest– We spoke & he presented his nephew Mr Cranston and I introduced my niece Miss Du Cane. We found he is also staying at this hotel so we promised to see each other again & we went on to see the great Jumma Mosque—a splendid place at the top of a fine flight of steps. It is always a joy to go into a mosque, they are kept so clean—no altars, no magic and quiet & dignified worship—such a contrast to the Hindu temple– After going over the mosque we returned to the Hotel to lunch & rest. In the afternoon we drove again to the Ridge & on to Metcalfe House the ruins of the old Residency before the Mutiny which is now a melancholy sight. In the roofless rooms lay iron bars wh we were told had been sent there by order of Lord Curzon & are to be used for holding the walls together. The whole place makes one quite melancholy to see, the garden over grown, the roof of the underground rooms fallen in the balustrade over the river broken. I cannot understand the idea of the necessity of nursing such ruins. It is said to be a warning to natives—it seems to me a warning to us English. At dinner we joined tables with Sir Hubert & had a pleasant talk.

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