0Sunday. 11th [June 1911]—Tile House, Uxbridge, Middlesex
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11 June 1911 — Tile House, Uxbridge, Middlesex
Sunday. 11th [June 1911]. Went to church at Denham in the morning with Nellie Wyld & called on the way home of Mme Clemence Wallis (Nellie’s partner in dressmaking) & found her in her garden of lovely roses—a happy little French woman transplanted from Paris by a British husband, having made house & garden dainty & charming. In the afternoon we went over to see Mrs Goodlake at the Fisheries taking with us Mrs Rodman Griscom who came down to lunch with the Wylds in her motor from London & returned on leaving Mrs G. We all went out on the river in Mr G’s boats—it was lovely and peaceful & one saw English scenery to perfection.

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