0Thursday. 28th [September 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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28 September 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Thursday. 28th [September 1911]. Great excitement over the Affair of Tripoli & Turkey. In the Piazza the Ultimatum of Italy was being sold at a great rate– Still I don’t believe in war. How can the Turks fight at that distance? Must she not submit to have another of her provinces fetched by a greedy European Power—& Germany pretending to be her friend & egging on the enemy. This morning an amusing thing happened. The card of a Mr James was brought to me– I said bring him up to my studio. Enger a perfect stranger with a lady who looked scared & said “Oh the pictures.” I saw that they had thought to see the pictures in the house & that Mr James was not the Mr James I had thought to see– They had been told at their hotel that they had only to ask & they wd be admitted. I said I could not allow perfect strangers to come in to the house in wh I live—but as they were in they might look round before they departed– Arbib came to see me in the evening to talk over the flight of his married daughters from Tripoli to Malta & I gave him letters of introduction to friends of mine there.

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