0Saturday. 14th December [1861]—Isle of Wight
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14 December 1861 — Isle of Wight
Saturday. 14th December [1861]. We left Freshwater early & had a very good passage over. As we were in the train the mother said “just see how our princes father is.” I opened the paper and found a very serious bulletin about the Prince Consort. We also saw that HRH The Prince of Wales had been sent for. It appears that on Friday night HRH had a dinner party (farewell) at Madingley and Augustus was amongst his guests. He received the telegram in the middle of dinner and simply said “I have bad news from home. I must leave tonight”– At ten oclock therefore he left them– When we got to Waterloo we asked Norwood (the station master) what were the rights of the case– He said that he had taken HRH down to Windsor that morng & that the report there was that the Prince Consort was better. From that time we could think of nothing but the poor prince & gave up every idea of going to the ball at Wimpole to meet HRH again. There were many prayers offered up for the royal family that night.

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