0Sunday. 15th December [1861]—Exeter House, Roehampton
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15 December 1861 — Exeter House, Roehampton
Sunday. 15th December [1861]. The first questions asked this morng were about the prince consort but we down here could hear nothing, we went to the Roehampton chapel & were completely startled when they read the prayer for the royal family omitting the name of the prince Consort. We immediately surmised that all was over & our surmises were verified when we came out of church and Baron Hambro told us that he expired at 11 PM on Saturday night– Thus in so short a time was the prince of Wales happiness turned into sorrow!– The duke of St Albans gave a dinner to the Prince of Wales on Thursday 12th at wh Augustus was present. HRH made a speech in wh he said “that altho’ their professions in life would be different a friendship once formed was everlasting & he should never forget them”– He wrote his autograph under a great many of his photographs and wrote it on a large piece of paper for Augustus who was more or less a favourite of his–

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