0Tuesday. 30th [January 1877]—Madrid
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30 January 1877 — Madrid
Tuesday. 30th [January 1877]. I sent to the Fernan Nuñez to enquire for the drop & it was sent to me–having been picked up by a gentleman. It was a great bit of luck– I went to pay a visit to Mme Montijo. All the Corps Dip in a great state against H.M. for not even bowing to them last night. He passed me 3 times without seeing me. The Pss stopped & spoke to me & presented the Duke of Saxe Coburg– Emilia Riaño came to tea. I sent for her to give her Murray’s letter asking them to undertake the revision of the Spanish Guide book for £200. Hatzfeldt & Mme Ulloa came– She was equally furious with the King who never bowed to her last night.

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