0Sunday. 11th [February 1877]—Madrid
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11 February 1877 — Madrid
Sunday. 11th [February 1877]. Henry had cold in his head—so only I went to church. Hill managed to jam her finger in shutting the iron safe– It was very painful for some time. I went to church in the morning. In afternoon I was ready to go to prayers but there was not a congregation– Mr Dawson came up & sat with me a little while. All the world was at the Carnival. I sent Clarita & Mr Hunt out in the carriage but we had tea in the drawing room & had visits from Hatzfeldt, Serrano & Mme d’Antas, who stayed chatting till nearly. &. The Hunts, D. Emilio Huelin, Vicomte de Carnide, Mr Dawson, Baron Ittersum dined with us. Henry had a bad cold so I went alone to Mme la Romana’s ball. She has a pretty house newly done up & they have fine pictures & plate. I did not dance & got home before 1.

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