0Monday. 19th [February 1877]—Madrid
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19 February 1877 — Madrid
Monday. 19th [February 1877]. I woke with a headache but had to get up to arrange the rooms for this eveng wh I did but at 2 I was so unwell that I went back to bed till it was time to dress for dinner. 2 Silvelas, 2 San Carlos, 2 Silva Alegres, Bernar, Nicolas, Genl Concha & Genl Pavia, Morphy, Ludolf dined with us. Afterwards I had a large at home. People did not stay very late exceptg the Css San Luis a fat old party with a daughter whose carriage did not come. I went off to bed & left her. Hy stayed with her some time & then she went & sat in the Porteria for some time & finally had to walk home under the care of D. Miguel de los Santos Alvarez.

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