0Wednesday. 28th [February 1877]—Madrid
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28 February 1877 — Madrid
Wednesday. 28th [February 1877]. Emilia Riaño came in while I was dressing & told me that there had nearly been a tragedy in her house. Their man servant had been to consult a fortune teller who told him that the maid Juliana was in love with him & had bought some powders of a stuff to enchant him & had put them among his clothes to make him marry her. He believed this & was in such a fury that he knocked the poor girl down & stood over her with a knife. He had to be instantly turned off but he had vowed he wd have the life of the girl & she was in a horrid fright. I drove out with Henry & we took a walk in the Fuente. Pavia (the Genl) came to lunch with us & then spent 3 hours in explaining the state of politics past present & future to us & talked a great deal abt himself & his “patriotisms.” In the eveng Henry went to the Bedmar’s. I went to bed.

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