0Sunday. 11th [March 1877]—Madrid
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11 March 1877 — Madrid
Sunday. 11th [March 1877]. I went down to the service. Directly after it we went off to breakfast with Canovas in his private house in the Calle Fuencarral No 4. Found Emilia & D. Juan, Hatzfeldt, Silvela & D. Edo Saavedra there. The breakfast was a long one & we were a merry party. Afterwards Canovas showed Emilia & me his books &c &c & Henry, Hatzfeldt & Silvela retired to work at the Zulu protocol. Canovas entertained us talking the funniest French– He said “On dit que je suis superbe (trans: of soberbia). Mais je ne suis pas superbe du tout—Si vous ne me voulez pas laissez moi tranc-huille et j’irai vivre a la champagne.” At last the 3 gentlemen reappeared saying their protocol was finished & signed & we found it was 8 o’clock! so we went off home. Ida Bauer & Nicolas came to say goodbye to us. Monteverde, Ruiz Gomez, Gayangos, Col Sheppens, Mr Dawson, the Phipps, Ittersum & Revd Watkin Herbert Williams dined with us.

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