0Monday. 30th [April 1877]—Constantinople
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30 April 1877 — Constantinople
Monday. 30th [April 1877]. Had a visit from Mme d’Ehrenhoff the Swedish Min:’s wife. She is English & sister of Mr Reade the late consul at Cadiz. At 3 I went out for the 1st time in a sedan chair. I had one wh belongs to Lady Eliot. A cavass went before me on foot. I went to Mrs Baring & she also came with me in a chair. We were obliged to go in chairs to pay these visits as carriages cannot get near them. Went to the American Legation & saw Mrs Maynard & to several other places. Henry had a reception of the Turks. When we returned from our visits we had tea. I copied Bluhm’s memoire today & did the maps till past midnight.

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