0Thursday. 3rd May [1877]—Constantinople
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3 May 1877 — Constantinople
Thursday. 3rd May [1877]. Henry went out driving with me in the Victoria; coming home we passed by Kiamil Bey’s house & saw a turkish lady getting out of a brougham in a Parisian get up—dress with train, golden dyed hair, powdered face & the finest thinnest white yashmak over her mouth only– We concluded it must be Mme Helmy Bey his daughter who had sent me a card. We saw Kiamil at the window bowing away at us so we turned back & asked if Mme H was there & would see me. She said she would & Kiamil recd us & then went & brought in his daughter saying as Henry was his brother she did not mind seeing him unveiled. She was not pretty—& not at her ease like a European in spite of her dress– She has 4 children & showed us her eldest (abt 7) girl who was dressed like a French child & spoke French well as did her mother. We only stayed a short time as it was late & I had to go home to dress for dinner– We had a dinner for some of the Turkish Ministers. The Grand Vizier, the Minister of State, the Minister of Marine, Hobart Pasha & some other Turks. They enjoyed their food & wine & went into ecstacies over Mr Joubert’s pilaf. In the evening some of the Dips came M. Zarifi, Parnis &c.

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