0Wednesday. 2nd May [1877]—Constantinople
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2 May 1877 — Constantinople
Wednesday. 2nd May [1877]. Wrote in morning. At 1 Mrs Sandison came. She lunched with us & afterwards she & I drove off to Stamboul to make some purchases at the Bazaar. We drove over the wooden bridge & on till we stopped in the yard of a mosque here we got out & found ourselves in a covered place dark & dirty & crowded. The shops were little holes under a kind of colonnade & there are besides kind of open stalls. Mrs Sandison’s servant led us a good way to the shop of one Dervish where we went into an inner room lighted by a skylight & where embroideries, silks, china plates &c &c were shown to us. Coffee was handed to us. Mrs Sandison speaks all languages & it was rather amusing as we went into a jewellers shop & they thinking we neither of us understood discussed in Armenian the prices—& how they were asking more than they intended to take! It was past 5 when I got home. I left Mrs S on the bridge where she took the steamer to return to Kadi-keui. I found Henry walking in the garden with Mr Jocelyn. The Kemballs called quite late. Sir A. came to say good bye as he starts tomorrow for Varna to join the Turkish troops & to see the War. We went to dine at the Fawcetts (Consul Genl). We drove as far as the Galata Tower when I got into the chair to be carried the rest of the way. Henry walked. Met at dinner the d’Ehrenhoffs, Dr & Miss Sorrell & Mrs Crawford, Mr Wrench, M. de Montholon & a Pera lady & her husband. I sat between Mr Fawcett & Dr Sorrell. Home by 10.30. Sent Hill & Giovanni to see Therapia; they spent the day there.

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