0Sunday. 13th [May 1877]—Therapia
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13 May 1877 — Therapia
Sunday. 13th [May 1877]. No church today as it is not yet arrived. Walked in the garden after breakfast with Henry– When he went in I went to the secy’s house with Mr Jocelyn to see his rooms. Came in & wrote to Hatzfeldt & Mme Calderon de la Barca. At 3 Messrs Jocelyn, Smijth, Kennedy, Henry & I went out in the 6 oared caique to the shore opposite to walk in the Sultan’s Valley. Saw some Turkish women in the old fashioned Turkish “alabar” a bullock cart in carved & painted & gilt wood with bright red cloth covering over head drawn by white oxen. We walked nearly to Abraham Pasha’s farm & then returned to the caique & rowed to a place called Sultange where we landed & sat under the trees & took coffee. It was a very picturesque place—& there were groups all round. Some were eating lettuces—others taking coffee—some eating sweets—some praying—a dervish was there surrounded by his scholars. We got home abt ½ to 7. Dined at 8. Had Jocelyn—Hobart Pasha, Capts Wingfield & Stopford, Lord Melgund who had to leave the table as he was suffering from headache, Mr Woodford, Kennedy, Ashburnham, Smijth, Pisani & Sandison.

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