0Monday. 14th May [1877]—Therapia
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14 May 1877 — Therapia
Monday. 14th May [1877]. Wrote all the morning– Lord Melgund came just after luncheon to call. Dr Dickson also came. At 4 Henry, Mr Kennedy & I went out riding. We rode along the quay to Buyukdere & after we had got thro’ the village we turned up the valley & followed the stream. We asked our way several times & were directed to follow up the stream but the hill got more & more impracticable– By jumping or scrambling over rocks & stones we got a long way till it got impossible to proceed & we had to give it up & turn back. But it was not so easy to get back & we had all to dismount in the bed of the stream & to lead our steeds up a rocky bit. We got to a place where there was a small hurdle. Kennedy scrambled thro’ but I went at it & made my first experience in leaping with great success. On our way back we struck upon a path leading up the hill & made up our minds to try it. It lead up to a lovely spot where there was a coffee house. The man there offered to show us the way over the hill to Buyukdere & we had a lovely ride & came to the back of the Russian Embassy garden. Henry asked the man where the Russians were. He answered that they were gone to a warm place & he hoped they would stop there—that he was glad they were gone. We got home abt 6.30. Mr Jocelyn & Kennedy dined with us.

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