0Wednesday. 16th May [1877]—Therapia
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16 May 1877 — Therapia
Wednesday. 16th May [1877]. Wrote letters to send by messenger. Mr Marinitch called– Went out in the afternoon in the garden with Henry & were driven in by a thunderstorm. Mrs Hy Hanson called & had tea with me. The storm lasted till late. All the morning there had been a sense fog. At abt 1 we heard a deal of firing from the forts at the mouth of the Bk Sea– A large English steamer was towed down which had been ashore at the entrance—& was bound round with ropes & sails. As soon as the fog lifted a quantity of steamers returning from the Bk Sea came past. Today is the last day before the blockade begins. Lord Melgund came to dine & sleep here. M. Bilinsky, Sandison, Mr Kennedy & Mr Jocelyn also dined. M. de Torey French Milt. Attaché came to tea in the eveng & talked very importantly abt the War running down & depreciating the Turks & their officers. As Bilinsky is a Genl in the Turkish army it was neither polite nor proper & we were rather disgusted– It seemed even disrespectful in a young man to his elder not to mention his superior in rank. The Genl kept his temper very well altho he tried to refute de Torey’s abuse.

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