0Friday. 18th May [1877]—Therapia
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18 May 1877 — Therapia
Friday. 18th May [1877]. It was a dull rainy day. Henry’s eye was bad & we got the Dr of the Antelope to come & look at it fearing erysipelas but he pronounced it only a cold. Mr Gribble called & lunched with us. After lunch the Austrian Ambassador came to call—& then the Italian Ct Corti who came up in his despatch boat. At 4 I went out walking with Mr Jocelyn & went to the village to pay some visits. Found M. & Mme Issoudun at home– Went on to Lady Kemball who was out & to Mrs Fawcett who was at home. Met there Capt Wingfield who also was calling. He walked home with us. As we were coming home a servant came to meet us to say the German Ambr & Ambss were calling P. & Pss Reuss. Met them at the gate just leaving. They had come up in their despatch boat. She had a companion with her– They could not stop & turn back. This morning just before breakfast we saw 4 or 5 ironclads going by & they dipped their flag to us by wh we supposed Adl Hobart was on board & great was my surprise while walking in the garden with Sir Hy & Lady Davis who came up from Pera to stay with us to see Hobart Pasha come out of the house. He said he had to start all the ships & would himself embark when they were all off. Lady Kemball & Miss Gribble, Jocelyn & Kennedy dined with us besides the Davis.

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