0Tuesday. 22nd [May 1877]—Therapia
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22 May 1877 — Therapia
Tuesday. 22nd [May 1877]. Started for town at 10 in the steam cutter. Went to Stamboul with Henry, the Genls, Mrs Sandison. Left Henry at the Chambers & drove on to see the subterranean Roman reservoir called the 1000 columns. It is now used by rope makers. You have to go down many steps. It is lighted thro’ holes in the masonry of the roof wh is on a level with the road above. We then drove round the obelisks. Constantines & also the Egyptian one—& saw the 3 brazen serpents with their heads cut off & then went back for Henry. The President of the Chambers sent down to beg me to go up to the Diplomatique Tribune– I could not believe it till Mr Sandison fetched me up– It is a small room with places for 130 members & open boxes at the side. I shrank down feeling rather shy– There was a discussion about forms of the house but it soon broke up. Ahmet Vefik is the President. We went to his private room & he gave us coffee & we met there Naurian Effendi whom I had last seen in Spain when he came there with Kiamil Bey & the V. President. We went on to the Embassy (It was the first time a lady had been seen at the Chambers) & lunched there– Mr Jocelyn & Hobart Pasha came & partook of our lunch– Henry deposited Sir Collingwood & me at Abdullahs where we spent an hour being photod. Went to Hotel Royale to call on P. & Pss. Reuss & found them in & then down to the scala to embark & go home– Had rather a perilous journey as the steerer was a little muzzy & we bumped our bottom once & got our rudder round with weeds & had to stop & clear them away. Ct Pisani dined & an Austrian secy came & took tea in the eveng.

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