0Friday. 1st June [1877]—Therapia
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1 June 1877 — Therapia
Friday. 1st June [1877]. Messenger arrived & Mr Francis Elliot. I had my first Turkish lesson of M. Manas. Rather a headache & idle morng. After lunch we went out in the caique with the Davies, the Genl & Mr Kennedy went to Rumeli Hyssar to call on Ahmet Vefik. Found him in true turkish costume—a loose cotton dressing gown & a fur pelisse lined with grey cashmere. P. Reuss was calling at the time but he soon left. Lady D. & I went into the harem—the ladies were in common cotton gowns– The grandchild came in dressed up in a yashmak & ferace– They dressed up Lady Davies & she went to the garden leading the child. We sat on cushions on the ground in the garden & the Pasha showed us his trees of wh he is proud. We stayed till after 6 & then started home. Just as we were leaving house to go & see Vefik we saw the Sultan pass by in his yacht up to the Black Sea & soon after we returned the forts began to fire their salutes & the Sultan passed back again. The Genl, Mr Heathcote (Antelope), Mr Elliott, Smijth, the Davies & Mr Ashburnham dined with us & sang in the eveng.

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