0Wednesday. 6th June [1877]—Therapia
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6 June 1877 — Therapia
Wednesday. 6th June [1877]. Directly after breakfast Mrs Sandison, Lady Davies & I went in the steam launch to Stamboul. We took Ct Zichy with us. He had breakfasted with us & slept at Ct Corti’s. We went to the Persian Khan to look for carpets but could get none at our price. We went to the Bedesten & I bought a pair of scissors for a Turkish inkstand. We then went to Ct Zichy’s to lunch. As we went up the hill our horses jibbed & we had to jump out quickly. The Ct showed us his garden & then gave us lunch & afterwards showed us his antiquities & then walked us thro’ the French Embassy garden to our carriage. We drove to our Embassy & waited there for the Balls who arrived yesterday & are to come & stay with us. Mr Ball said he would go down by carriage & Mrs B came with us. Lady Thomas called.

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