0Thursday. 7th [June 1877]—Therapia
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7 June 1877 — Therapia
Thursday. 7th [June 1877]. Sat talking with Mrs Ball all the morng. After lunch Henry, the Balls & I went out in the big caique. We went over to the Sultan’s valley to walk & look for wild flowers of wh Mr B has an enormous collection. We then went on to Chibukli where we found more flowers & then took coffee & Henry his nargileh under the trees & afterwards came home. At luncheon we had Mrs Henry & Mrs Wellesly Hanson & Lady Kemball & we discussed the affairs to the ladies society in aid of the sick & wounded Turks of wh they made me President. It was determined that we should meet again next Thursday & in the meanwhile collect money. Had a headache & had to leave the dinner table & go to bed.

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