0Friday. 8th June [1877]—Therapia
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8 June 1877 — Therapia
Friday. 8th June [1877]. Better this morng. At 12 the “Antelope” arrived opposite our house with Ahmet Vefik Pasha & 15 members of the Turkish Parliament we invited to breakfast. We took them out into the garden—spread a carpet & had chairs coffee & pipes in the grove. There we sat some on chairs some on the carpet till 1 when we went into breakfast. We had the member for Yemen an intelligent slight dark handsome young Arab sheikh in a dark flowing garment a turban & a yellow silk & twisted gold cords round it. He had fine lively eyes & a splendid row of teeth. Next me on my right was Ahmet Vefik & on the left a tall solemn man in a tall white felt Dervish’s hat with a green turban round it—the Member for Mecca– They all eat very tidily & cleverly considering that many had never used a knife & fork before. The only funny thing one honble member did was to put his strawberries into his fingerbasin which was full of water & to pour the powdered sugar into the same. Ahmet Vefik then gave the health of the Queen—then Henry gave the “Sultan”—Ahmet Vefik then gave my health—& Henry the Chambers & their President—then A.V. gave Henrys health & we retired to the garden for coffee & pipes. At 3.30 the Antelope fetched them & took them back to Constple. As soon as the Antelope returned Henry had to send off the steam cutter to Buyukderé to take possession of an English ship wh had been seized by the Greeks. The party was led by Mr Sandison who came back & said it had been done without any resistance. The Balls & Davies were at todays breakfast but the Balls had to leave in the middle of it as they had to go to catch the steamer wh started this afternoon for Trieste. Mrs & Miss Zarifi called– Nobody to dinner except the Genl.

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