0Monday. 25th June [1877]—Therapia
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25 June 1877 — Therapia
Monday. 25th June [1877]. Just as we were going to lunch Mrs Sandison & Mme Bilinsky called. They had come over to see Mr Sandison & he had gone away so I asked them in to lunch as we lunched at 2. Miss Boyd & I accompanied Henry in the mouche & left him with Safvet Pasha & went on to Candilli to Mrs Wellesly Hansons to talk over the Relief of Wounded work. Henry called for us & took us to Hyssar where in the hot sun we toiled up to the Robert College where we were expected by Dr Washburn & introduced to his wife—the youngest looking woman for her age I ever saw. She had a grown up son & looked abt 14 herself. We were also introduced to Dr Long’s daughter. Had tea & then went to see the library & museum wh is well kept & has an English curator. It contains some very rare specimens of the birds of the country. We went off again to the mouche & were just embarking when we saw Ahmet Vefik in his caique & we made him go home with us to dine. When we got back to Therapia they left me at Petala’s & I paid one or two visits amongst them to Mme Ternan & then returned home where I found the Pasha smoking his pipe in the garden—then he & I set to work gardening & trimming roses till the dinner bell had rung & I had to rush in.

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