0Sunday. 1st July [1877]—Therapia
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1 July 1877 — Therapia
Sunday. 1st July [1877]. Usual service. Miss Boyd arrived just in time to play the harmonium. In the afternoon she went out with the Genl & Mr Kennedy & returned to Candilli afterwards & I started to go with Henry to pay visits in the 3 a pair oar. We went to the Zarifi & were told the family were up at the Kiosque & so we hailed up there we found Zarifi in a fur pelisse carousing with some men. However soon Miss Zarifi & Mme Negropontes & some girls arrived having come to play croquet. We left there intending to go to Buyukderé where we saw Ct Zichy’s mouche & Henry wanted to speak to him. I went home & had tea in the garden. Pss Reuss & Radolinsky called & had tea with me & waited for Henry. It came on to pour so we gave up going out again. Mr Austin, Genl, Adl, Ken: Ash: Elliott, Sandison, the Ct, Smijth dined with us. Mr Applin who we asked refused at the last moment.

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