0Sunday. 8th [July 1877]—Therapia
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8 July 1877 — Therapia
Sunday. 8th [July 1877]. Adl Hornby arrived from Besika Bay in time for 9 o’cl: breakfast in the Helicon wh Henry had sent for him. We had service at 10.30. Mr Washburn came for it. Sat out in the grove till luncheon. The D. of Edinburgh came up from Besika with the Adl & is living on board the Helicon; he came to call on Henry & me abt 12. After luncheon we went out in the 10 oared caique & went to Beikos where we waited for H.R.H. He joined us there & landed & took a walk & then we took him on in our caique to Chibukli where we landed & made Kef & had nargilehs & coffee & then returned the D. to the Helicon & came home. Our party at dinner was the 2 Adls English & Turkish, Genl Dickson, Rassam, Ken: Ash: Elliot, Smijth, Sandison, the Count, Miss Boyd.

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